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About this commmunity:
This community is for women who have babies due in October 2009. Since babies aren't always born on schedule, this will also include women due toward the end of September 2009 and beginning of November 2009. Hopefully this will introduce people sharing the same wonderful experience at the same time and maybe even meet some new friends. All posts in this community are members only for peace of mind and safety. You will need to join to participate and see the entries.

Community Rules
By joining this community, you agree to abide by these rules:

1. We request that all new members post this introductory survey in the public post. It's screened, and will remain screened. We like to know who is in this community with us. You will need to repost it in your intro within three days of joining. We like to know who is in this community with us.

Due date:
How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?:
How did you break the news to the other parent and to other key people?:
What are your thoughts about being pregnant and becoming a mom, or thoughts on being a dad?:
What things are you looking forward to after the birth?:
Other children's names/ages:
Type of birth you are planning (natural/medicated/c-section, home/birth center/hospital):
Any special circumstances surrounding your pregnancy?:
Was your pregnancy planned?:
How long were you TTC?:
Anything else you'd like to share:

2. This community is meant to be supportive and encouraging. Be mindful that everyone has a birth philosophy specific to their needs. Treat all community members with respect. Disagree with them and share sources, links, information, and opinions with them, but please be mature and respectful.

3. Do not delete, screen, or freeze posts or comments. If you have a problem with comments left by other community members, contact a moderator.

4. No community promos, spam, or for sale posts unless you have permission from a moderator.

5. Put all pictures and long entries, and sensitive material behind an lj-cut. Please be considerate of members with low-speed connections or who are at work.

6. Understand that nothing is considered to be TMI here. We're birthing babies, we're all adults. Things like mucus and how to make sex comfortable are likely to come up.

7. Have a happy, healthy pregnancy!